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About Yandex

Yandex is an internet giant in Russian serving 60% of internet users in this country. They have 70 services in total including search engine, browser, ride-hailing, e-commerce, maps, fintech, mobile apps and online ads. Their main service is search engine which gains 52% of market share in Russia and 5th biggest search engine in the world, just after Google, Baidu, Bing and Yahoo. They are operating in 30 countries and the next one is Vietnam.

Their challenges

Yandex wanted to explore the Vietnam market with Yandex Zen, a news aggregator and blogging app that had an impressive growth in Russia with 62% increase in revenue year over year in Russia in 2019. However, the Vietnamese culture and online behaviors are quite different from their mainland. For example, the Vietnamese internet users are quite young, dynamic and largely influenced by Asian culture like K-pop so they tend to look for colorful and exciting contents. However, Yandex Zen’s contents and creatives are quite blank and boring in the eyes of Vietnamese and that led to a very high acquisition cost.

Our approaches

We’ve divided the cooperation into 2 phases:

Testing phrases: 2 weeks

In this period, we’ve segmented customers into many groups and tested different creatives for each segment to understand how people in different groups react to different types of creatives and contents. Then, we’ve optimized the target audiences and creatives further based on 3 metrics: CPI, average spending time and retention rate in 3 day.

In results, CPI decreased by 68% and retention rate improved by 2.3X.

Strategic partnership:

Beside acting as a media agency, we’ve signed up a long-term contract as a strategic media consulting partner to build a business strategy for Yandex Zen from user acquisition to monetization.


  • CPI decrease 63%
  • Retention rate of Facebook channel = 4.48 x organic retention rate, 2.3 x as compared to self-service.

68%decrease in CPI

2.3Xretention rate

  • Industry: Internet, Search Engine.
  • Founded in 1997
  • Headquarters: Moscow, Russia