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App Campaign Management


We manage your app campaign as a thinker

At AppROI, we believe a good agency is not only the one executes your campaigns but also a thinker who comes up with new initiatives which can grow hack your business within a limited time. Problem-solving is in our DNA, from optimization team to account team, we spend a lot of time to think about our customers’ problems as not only limited to app marketing strategies but also their business as a whole.

By this approach, we’ve conducted a lot of tests for our clients’ campaigns from bidding strategies to promotion strategies to understand which works and which doesn’t work and why. Therefore, our team has very strong experiences in app optimization that can drive the best performance for your business with the most efficient cost.

We manage your app campaigns based on 4 core values which we believe can help to grow your business strongly in the long-run.


We’ve encountered a lot of times a situation in which a campaign is optimized perfectly but unable to scale up. Then, we have to come up with the most impactful initiatives that help our clients exceed their limitations to reach a new level but still remain the effectiveness.


One-time off campaigns don’t bring many benefits to your business. We help you to plan out a long-term strategic campaigns from awareness, acquisition to retention that not only enhance your brand but also bring the most valued customers to you.


As we’ve known problem is a part of every business and problem-solving is a part of our DNA. First thing first, we breakdown your problems into small parts and solve the most impacted one to your business with the best initiatives.


Transparency is the core of all above values that keeps your campaigns healthy and help us understand the root causes of the problems.