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An AI-powered DSP

Unlike other DSPs, Our DSP uses big data for 2 stages of user acquisition job: targeting the highest quality customers and filtering fraud installs in real-time to make sure you get the real users who will bring revenue to your business later on and at scale.

4 main features of our DSP:

User acquisition campaign

Gain high-quality users with high in-app action intention through AI technology.

Filter out fraud installs by AI fraud protection technology to help you save millions of dollars.

Retargeting campaign

Powerful audience segmentation
Find the best audience segments in real-time, selecting from millions of possibilities to optimize predicted conversion rate, and minimize audience overlap and ad delivery wastage.

Customer segmentation

App category-based audiences based on approximately 35 million users.

25 large categories, about 260 medium categories.

Engagement enhancement by AI

Our AI technology based on millions of data points to provide the most effective bidding strategies to get the highest quality customers with the most optimal CPA.