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Growth Consulting


A good app is a halfway to your success
another half is an excellent strategy.

An app is compiled by a lot of effort and passion of its developer in the hope to deliver the best services to as many people as possible. However, a good app is just a halfway to success and another half is the market strategy which is usually missed in the first place.

At AppROI, we don’t just stop at optimizing the acquisition campaigns for our clients but also play a role as a strategic consulting firm that helps them define or redefine their potential markets whether they are still full of opportunities or become stagnant and what strategies and tools enable them to win over.

Our experienced consultants will help your business solve 4 major problems that app-based companies usually faces:

Market Strategy

A major issue with app-based business is the app usually came with an initial idea to solve a problem or provide some value to a group of users but often skipped the market estimation step. The consultants at AppROI gather, compile a vast amount of data of your industry to draw a clearer picture of your market and answer fundamental questions: how big is your market? Who are your target customers? How should you spend your money smartly to penetrate the market but will breakeven or get profit later on?

User Behavior Analysis

Another challenge of an app-based company is an intuitive user flow because what customers do on your app is totally different from what we think they will do. The UX consultants at AppROI will analyze your user behaviors based on data-driven methods to framework their flows to indetify their drop-off points and provide insights to your developers to close the drop-offs or strategic hooks to get them back to the conversion funnel.

Pricing Strategy

Even you have a potential market but your offers and packages are misaligned with customers’ needs. Based on the user behavior analysis, we help you understand what your customers need like whether they need your full packages or a part of it? and set out a strategic pricing model that can capture most of their demands.

User Acquisition Strategy

Most of the apps failed in their market expansion strategy due to looking at a wrong KPI for growth. Whether we look at new users or revenue for the key KPI for sustainable growth. With the market research step, our consultants help your business plan out the best acquisition strategy with main focused KPI for each stage of growth, then you will not narrow down your growth potential or waste money for an unpromising or stagnant market.